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Whether you are looking to sale that special piece or looking to sell your special piece, knowledge is power. 
Are you unsure of what to look for selling jewelry? There are a few things that you’ll want to consider to determine the worth before you buy or sell. Below is a quick guide to what to keep in mind while making a jewelry purchase or sale.
Diamond Carat Weight
The carat weight is the size of a diamond. The carat is the unit measure. One carat is equal to 200 milligrams.
Diamond Color
A diamond void of color is the most sought-after diamond. A lack of color enhances the diamond’s ability to reflect the color spectrum.
Diamond Clarity
You’ll want to select a diamond that has few imperfections. Many slight imperfections, although invisible to the naked eye, decrease the value of the stone.
Diamond Cut
The cut of a diamond is instrumental in its brilliance. It is a precise cut that transforms a rough diamond into a brilliant jewel that reflects and refracts light.
Yellow Gold
Yellow gold tends to be the most commonly used form of gold. This form of gold is created by combining natural gold with a mixture of silver, copper and zinc alloys. The yellow color comes from the natural color of gold. The value of yellow gold is determined by its karat weight and design.
White Gold
White gold is derived from a mixture of nickel, copper, zinc and natural gold. The white color comes from the nickel component.
Rose Gold
Rose gold is derived from a mixture of copper and sometimes silver with natural gold. There is a three to one proportion of 24-karat gold to the copper. The result has a reddish-rose tone.
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